Your Calling … is Calling

You cant escape your destiny … you must face it in one form or another at some point in your life.

But the majority of people are not aware of their destiny, They`re unaware that they may have any sort of purpose at all in fact. They`re Far to focused on “living” to “live with purpose”.

In order for fulfillment in life everyone must have a purpose. You have the choice to determine what that purpose is. But those who never determine a clear purpose and intention in life will never truly be satisfied or happy.

But some people do have a calling, a purpose they cannot escape. A calling they can attempt to run from and avoid, but life repeatedly brings fourth situations that confirms this calling. Also often times those whom have a calling, are faced with particle obstacles to overcome, that prepare them for it.

Am I making an argument against free will? no not at all, I believe we have the full power and control to determine the results and outcomes of our life. But I also believe a select few of us are predisposed and endowed with a set of traits, skills and abilities that gear us towards a particle purpose. These characteristics lie dormant within us, and our early life experiences cause them to awaken.

I think everyone needs to have a calling, just for some of us, life reveals what that calling is through our experiences, rather than a spark of inspiration which is the normal catalyst for most people.

I am one of those who avoided or prolonged embracing my calling and purpose for a long time. Its not that I had much of a problem with it,truthfully I was just lazy. I was just half assing it.

How do you determine what a purpose or calling is? simple, it has to be a cause or desired outcome that is greater than yourself, that benefits more than just you.

Does everyone have a purpose? No, as I stated most people dont. Not because they arent meant to, but because of their own  delusions and ego. They`re far too occupied in their pursuit of their own pleasure, satisfaction of impulsive desires, and selfish gains to give much thought to having a purpose greater than themselves.Far to occupied with thoughts on how to prove they`re better than people, than to give a damn about helping people.

To put it bluntly without the eloquent prose … Most people are just too fucking stupid.

Everyone can potentially live a life of intent and determine a passionate calling , but most dont because they`re ignorant. They dont know better, but at the root, they dont know that they dont know better ( hope that makes sense lol). 

As I like say ( and yes I know its a rip off of some other cool quote lol) … “Everyone exists but not everyone actually lives”

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Quote of the day

Quote of the Day: Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other.

Interpretation: The truth is, the only factor that determines whether you fail or succeed is yourself. No matter how many people don’t think you can succeed, it doesn’t matter as long as you believe you can, our beliefs tend to bypass reality and circumstance and catapult us towards success. You`re own determination and resolve combined with you`re efforts and actions are the driving force behind achievement and realization of goals.

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